Maggie's Kitchen Tails:

Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love

!This is the best dog book that I have found that has the best recipes! This is a must have for your collection! The stories are heartwarming and all true! I had the distinct pleasure to meet the authors. They are super wonderful and loving people! Their love for dogs is evident throughout the book as the love just flows through the pages!

This would be a great book for anyone who loves dogs! I highly recommend it

Debbie Peterson rated it 5 of 5 stars
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How many ways can I describe this sweet book?  Well, to begin, it was written with much love and compassion  by three of the most fervent dog lovers I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and love.  As a team, they devoted many weeks and months in the production mode to research and create this charming recipe and story book that belongs in every pet household and as a learning curve for anyone who is contemplating the adoption of a precious furry friend.  If you’re looking for nutritional information, many chuckles and just plain puppy love, this is the book for you.

Throughout the entertaining pages of this delightful book, are many hints and nuggets of advice for keeping your pets healthy and happy.  After all, they are a loving part of your family and deserve to be ‘treated’ as such.  

Learn the heartfelt values of rescuing a needy pet and you’ll never need to look elsewhere. 

Linda Hales
Author of Sunshine and Her Big Blarney Smile 

Meet Maggie. Lover of a small green chew toy! Oh and did I mention she loves cookies? Yes! Vet accepted cookies and other recipes you can make with your very own pet. Just think of it: dog food for dogs and humans. Or is it human food for humans and dogs? You will also meet a few other dogs with heartwarming stories to tell about their lives and owners (like the luau wedding in the dog park with love cookies). As for the Beefy Beef Heart recipe, I do not recommend it- unless you have paws!

Zak Sherman, 
Manager, Silverdale, Wa. Library

The love for dogs (and all pets) shines through every page and story of Maggie's Kitchen Tails. This book would be a wonderful addition to any pet lover's collection, all the more so because its authors have presented a powerful indictment of animal abuse and its evils. Maggie's Kitchen Tails will make you laugh and cry, sometimes on the same page. 

John B. Rosenman
Author of Inspector of the Cross

If you are a dog lover, and even if you don't have a pet, Maggie's Tails is a charming book. It provides wonderful anecdotes about Maggie, Elfie, and Momo while it contains nutritional recipes for all your beloved pets. Maggie, is my hero because I know she has saved Rosemary “Mamie’s" life on several occasions and heartily deserves the most delectable snacks in the book; as does your pet. And that includes Silk, the fictional puppy in my book, Deadly Pleasures. Maggie's Tails is a must read for all animal lovers. 

Mary Firmin
Author of Deadly Pleasures

Maggie's Kitchen Tails is a wonderful collection of recipes and short stories about life with a dog. Many of the recipes originate with the stories told, thus creating interest in the recipes themselves. As a non-pet owner I was surprised to find myself reading every word. A terrific offering dog owners are certain to love.

Clayton Bye
Author, editor and publisher

Maggie's Kitchen Tales is a delightful collection of anecdotes and doggie-treat recipes. While the recipes are to cater to the canine palate rather than the human one, children won't get sick if they happen to share one with their four-footed pal as they might with commercial treats. Alas, my dear canine friend is no longer with me and cannot give them a taste test, but I'm sure she would have loved them. The stories are personal experiences with warmth and wit that have a direct connection in an engaging way to why the recipe that follows was developed. It's a fun read, especially for dog lovers, and is for a good cause. I loved it.

R. L. Cherry
"Author of the Morg Mahoney mysteries”

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