Naturally 4 Paws

Our philosophy is that animals aren't just pets, they are part of our families... and our focus is on their health and happiness. 

Our mission is to provide a wide variety of healthy food and treats, unique and high quality accessories, while bringing back good old fashioned customer service.  We strive to carry American goods whenever possible and thoroughly investigate each food product manufacturer.  Our goal is to explain and promote the benefits of feeding holistic diets.  We encourage pet guardians to be responsible and accountable and are eager to assist in strengthening the human & animal bond.

We are Silverdale's (and Kitsap County's) only pet supply to provide only holistic food and treats. (We read the labels so you don't have to.) Only products that are healthy and safe make it onto our shelves. You will also find a very unique and diverse assortment of supplements, grooming products, toys, accessories and gift items for you and your companion animals. 

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Maggie's Kitchen Tails:

Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love

Going beyond just stuff for sale, Naturally 4 Paws offers trust, knowledge, and confidence that the products and services found here are the very best. Originally created to provide quality pet nutrition; training, massage, self-service bathing, and full-service grooming expansions have transformed Naturally 4 Paws into a total pet health destination with the goal of being a fun, friendly, and educational experience for both people and their furry friends.

​​Locally owned and operated, Naturally 4 Paws began after two Seabeck residents’ beloved dog Goephyr was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. They began researching pet nutrition and the pet food industry, ultimately discovering the ingredients in their grocery store bought kibble were likely to blame. Vowing to never subject future furry friends (Rascal, Rusty, Rowdy, and Redmond) to such low quality diets, they quickly discovered better alternatives were scarcely found in their area. Knowing they couldn’t be the only loving pet owners in their community unknowingly feeding unhealthy food to their best friends, they opened Naturally 4 Paws, bringing not just healthy food, but knowledge and awareness of pet health to Central Kitsap.