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A couple of years ago, when Mamie and Doug rescued Maggie as an abused puppy and began telling me that they were cooking for her to help with her digestion problems, I realized that cooking for our beloved dogs is a growing health necessity for many people besides my own family. I was thrilled and inspired when Mamie and Doug asked me to co-author Maggie’s Kitchen Tails.

Even as a child, I liked the idea of making food for the dogs in my life, but it was not until three years ago that I started actually cooking for them. This came out of need because my Shih Tzu grand puppy, Momo, was suspected of having severe food allergies. And as a result, she was given the Liquid Gold Allergy Test (which claims to have no false positives). The test indicated that she is highly allergic to many common ingredients in commercial dog food and dog treats, which include peas, barley and rice—as well as turkey, lamb and pork. Once we started researching the ingredients in her store bought food and treats, it was surprising how many dog food brands use peas in their products! No peas please! With the difficulty in finding treats that Momo could eat and not get sick, I decided to create some home cooked treats myself that would fit her particular dietary needs. 

Cooking for Momo seemed to also fit into what I had been doing in the kitchen with the humans in our family. A number of my family members and friends have for some years needed to make dietary changes, avoiding processed foods and particular food ingredients. And to help with this challenge, I had been creating for specific family members some special recipes that had high nutritional density with more alkaline than acidic ingredients to help with digestion (see my recent cookbook Mom’s Island Bakens: Over 50 Altered Recipes for a Happy Gut and a Healthy Heart). It made sense that our pets may be having the same problems with digesting the processed foods that are in commercial canned dog food as us humans were having with human processed foods. Our bodies seemed to all be screaming for some good home cooking—both human and canine bodies alike.

Although people have always given their dogs bones and even raw meat or table scraps, there is a growing trend and influence by canine nutrition experts to actually cook one’s own dog food and treats using all human grade food, including organics whenever possible. All the dog treat recipes in Maggie’s Kitchen Tails use human grade food ingredients and we have consulted dog nutritionist specialists because we feel that our pets deserve the very best. 


Martha Char Love

A Little About Martha’s Writing Career . . . 

Martha retired in 2008 with her husband, Michael (Zardoa) Love, to Oahu, Hawaii. And immediately upon first laying on the sandy beaches, she decided to use her leisure time to begin a writing career. Three years later, she published as a co-author with her colleague of 40 years, Robert W. Sterling, a book called What’s Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct. It is a narrative of the maturation of sciences of psychology and neurology that explores gut feeling intelligence and is based on their lifetime career experiences as guidance counselors, educators, and school psychologists. Since that time, she has also contributed as a co-author to many of the 33 books written and published with her husband under the pen name The Silver Elves, both fiction and non-fiction, on magic and enchantment and the Elven Way. And in 2014, she also published a cookbook called Mom’s Island Bakens: Over 50 Altered Recipes for a Happy Gut and Healthy Heart, which is written to help people improve their lifestyle choices for healthy eating and shares her original recipes for a happy gut and a healthy heart. 

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Mom’s Island Bakens: Over 50 Altered Recipes for a Happy Gut and A Healthy Heart:

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