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I am an author, speaker, dreamer and traveler.  My first book was released January 2012, with its debut at the Seattle Gift Show January 13th and again  on August 11th, 2013 with updated materials and special offers. 

My husband, Douglas Adkins has helped me for twenty eight years  and how my career all got started. It was because of him and his incredible loyalty to helping me fight the struggles of life and its complications I am able to write.  August 6, 2014 we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary and our new book together coming soon.

We live in Bremerton, Washington where we raised our daughter, Kecia Adkins Doke and who now currently lives with her husband Jonathan in Denver, Colorado. 

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the last (28) twenty eight years and loving it here where you can walk miles along natural beaches and watch the changes along the coastline have given me insight of what my dreams truly are and enable me the internal peace to see them through. We have family scattered in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and have enjoyed visiting a place where we once lived.  Lately I find myself wanting to move where there is less rain, more sunshine, snow and of course family.

It seems that I have found an amazing source of energy that I want to use writing every minute of my day.  


For me, it has been a life long dream.  My book: "Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler” was my first publication and the one that gave me the courage to finish Reflections of Mamie: A Story of Survival, which has taken sixteen years to write.  I want to share my life of abuse so I can reach out and help anyone out there to know they are not alone; to Never Give Up and to fight for your dreams—your very life.  If they need me, I want to be there.

My hobbies are not many-I love to quilt and walk the beaches but mostly write. 

Currently I am working on my new book that is in tribute to the wonderful four legged animals that have been in our life.  Maggie’s Kitchen Tails: Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love, which is a book we enjoy writing filled with recipes and short stories about the crazy fun you have with a puppy and the joy of rescuing one that someone tossed away and abused.  


This book has an even greater joy as it is the first time my husband, Douglas  Adkins and I are writing together.  Doug comes with a strong background for detail work retiring from the shipyard in 2011.  He always ask me if I don’t understand what retirement means yet he is knee deep in loving this book we are doing together.  I’m not sure I can tell you what his hobbies are as he is too busy working with me, together entertaining our puppy  and truing token up with the daily chores of life.  So for now, his hobby or lack of it is taken with keeping all of us organized!

Doug has helped me with all the details of organization with the first two books but this time he is writing his own stories and helping me create recipes working tirelessly by my side.  He has done most all of the work behind the scenes as well even building the web site.  I have now introduced him to the world of social media!

Once we had begun to think this book through and look at what we wanted to accomplish, Doug and I decided to ask two friends that are authors as well to join in and co-author with us.  Now we are four strong helping one another so dogs can benefit with donations from our book sales and have a chance at happiness.  It will be through individual sales or through organizations such as schools, scouts and churches wanting to take us on with a fundraising campaign.  Whatever we are doing, we are together and that is my greatest gift in life or accomplishment-having a family that loves one another, a new puppy that has inspired our new book with a tribute to those we have lost and reaching out to as many as we can.

While writing this next book, I am also currently trying to reorganize my blogs leaving them down for construction on each web site so it can all be found in one place and hope to have it completed by Summer 2015 before the new book debuts on Maggie’s birthday, October 31, 2015.

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Thank you for your interest.

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