Maggie's Kitchen Tails:

Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love

My story …I’ve been publishing for 20+ years. It’s been a lot of work, but great fun. As most writers, I was never able to support myself writing full time. It wasn’t until I became unable to work due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis throughout my joints and the subsequent arrival of uncontrollable Bi-Polar Depression that I was afforded an amazing opportunity. Once doctors managed to bring me back to a modicum of health, I found that if I positioned myself on a couch with my legs stretched out and pillows at my back I didn’t hurt. So, out came my laptop and I began to write. I had to take many breaks, but I kept at it eight hours per day, every day. Years passed and many books were published, but I was still unable to supplement my pension to any great degree. Then, in November of 2014, I stumbled into a full-time ghostwriting job. Again, it did not replace my pension, but it was a terrific step up. Now (May 2015), I am taking a unique copywriting course and have begun to break into the lucrative world of the copywriter.

I tell you these things because I am a firm believer in the idea that we can achieve our dreams if only we will act and persevere. It may have taken me 20 years to become a full-time writer (I could survive on my writing wages if it weren’t for horrendous medical costs), but I made it. Now there is nowhere to go but up.

You should also understand that that 20 year journey truly was fun; it was worth all the effort and the some-times meager returns. I love the pastimes of writing, editing, doing book formatting and layout, cover designs and the final rush of sending books to my printer.

Yes, I’m a self-publisher. I was doing this before anyone ever heard of print-on demand (POD), back when you had to do a run of at least a thousand books in order to get your book costs down to an affordable rate. Traditional publishing was something I never considered. Maybe I could have made my fortune if I did. But I had all these skills I wanted to use—so away I went.

During all these years of writing, I married and raised three wonderful children, who are all in university at this time. Living in the heart of Sunset country, on beautiful Lake of the Woods in Kenora, Ontario, Canada, I also carved out a wonderful place amidst the rich Masonic community that exists here. I also believe I am respected in the business community, but I have never worried much about it. I have worked hard as a newspaper man, a Life insurance agent and as a sales representative for Frito-Lay Canada. All great jobs. But the world-wide business community I work within as a writer is the most rich and rewarding of them all. I have met and befriended people all over the world and, now, with the advent of Skype it is like these people have come right into the in-home office in which I spend my days.

One of the  greatest rewards of them all, however, was the trip I took this spring to meet, in person, my dear friend Mamie Adkins. She and her husband, Doug, are two of the most genuine and lovable people I know, and they opened their home and their hearts to me. Now, as they work so hard on their special project “Maggie’s Kitchen Tails,” I have the pleasure of sponsoring their effort to help rescue dogs in need of loving homes. I hope you enjoy this cookbook and the stories it contains.

Clayton Bye May 24, 2015

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Clayton Bye is a writer, copywriter, editor and publisher. The author of 11 books, just as many ghostwrites, a varied collection of short stories, poems, articles and reviews, he has also published 4 books under the imprint Chase Enterprises Publishing. These books, published for others, include 3 award winning anthologies and a stunning memoir about what it's like to live with and die from anorexia.  Visit his e-store at or his website at

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