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Life is ruff. Get a Rescue Dog.

- Yours truly, Maggie Adkins

Kitsap Humane Society

Maggie was adopted from the humane society and  we would like to encourage everyone to check out their local Humane Society, PAWS, ASPCA, or KARE if it is time to add a pet to your family.

Here’s Maggie! 

The last year Maggie has had enormous mountains to climb in order to find her way in this world.  She has defeated her fears, allowed love into her life, rallied around when needed and learned to trust again after beginning her life with abuse.

You may ask: Who couldn’t love a seven week old puppy?  But the answer to that question where she is concerned is no one did.  She was tossed away and abused yet had spirit.  While adopting her at eight weeks from the Kitsap Humane Society she was shy or so it seemed while there.  We had only driven out of the parking lot when she decided that Doug was her mark!  Yes, Maggie had sized him up and me too.  

Our lives changed on January 4, 2014 and at times we wondered if we were being trained or if we were making headway with the two back to back classes of training.  Maggie’s given name from the society was Dazzle Me and though cute, we wanted her to have a name that seemed more fitting to her.  Our new family member came with her own bag of problems from health to temperament to at times darn right stubborn.

But, being sick was the most important issue at the time so we began making every food she consumed.  Yes, Maggie had us in training but we just did to know it at the time.  The many nights we had been use to lazing around were quickly becoming no time or Maggie time!  

In about twelve days she was potty trained but she was too smart.  It wold appear that a women had been her abuser and she was not going to cut me a break.  Doug found himself on the kitchen floor night after night trying to reassure her so that the fear would fall away. Her way to deal with it was to bite my feet, forcing me to stand behind bars when I walked. After many months things finally became where we could go from the kitchen floor to the living room to play. She had us in training, alright and she was in heaven. We allowed it so she would learn to trust and in time she has.

Our little puppy, a black fur ball so soft with the markings of an angel on her chest was  home and safe.  Maggie Anne settled down about nine months later and we became a true family.  She is one incredible loving dog and has given back to us everything we gave to her.  She has rescued me with health alerts, aided in helping me off the floor from a fall and been loyal to us both. She loves her Dad more but she is still there for us both.

She has a few different ways such as playing as she eats, eating from the floor instead of a dish, knowing her toys by name and following her own unique commands.  Heck, she even has a huge slide outdoors she likes to slide on!

Follow us along and watch her grow as she learns new ways and discovers her world one day at a time.

Maggie Anne has set out to help other dogs find a new home with proceeds being donated to animal groups that assist their happy homes from each book sold.  

Fundraisers and book promotions are her focus now and she is good at it.

Reserve your signed copy today.

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